PHP Development Services

Develop dynamic and powerful PHP solutions to facilitate your business growth and get a competitive edge on the market!

Our PHP development services

We specialize in PHP development services which are within your corporate needs

Adre’s IT provides full cycle PHP development services. It is more profitable to work with a single vendor who has strong expertise in all facets of software development compared with several companies narrowly focused either on front-end or back-end sides. Additionally, it’s harder to manage several providers.

During 15+ years of hands-on PHP experience, we’ve got a strong case history in domains like healthcare, e-learning, sports, e-commerce, entertainment, and finance.

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Our Services Include

Custom PHP development (from scratch)
Refinement of existing solutions
UI/UX design
Consulting and business analysis
QA and testing
Dedicated teams
Long-term support and maintenance
Migration to the latest PHP version

Why choose PHP for your project ?

PHP dominance on the market entails the availability of a broad range of servers and server presets that support its development stack. Also, great demand and supply balance of PHP developers lets us pick the most skilled professionals with the relevant expertise for your project.

PHP allows developers to significantly speed up the wireframing stage due to the lesser amount of interdependencies while retaining the same functionality and productivity levels. It’s also easier to assemble a PHP team in a short time.

PHP projects are usually more cost-effective compared to other technologies both on development and support & maintenance stages. PHP is completely open-source, which eliminates any spendings on downloading, licensing, and high-priced web hostings. Moreover, low entry threshold increases market competition and drives the prices down.

Frequently asked questiones

Q: How is my intellectual property protected?

A: We understand that your intellectual property is your most valuable asset. That is why we have adequate security in place to protect your IP, reflect your product ownership in our Agreement and sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with you at the start of a business relationship to ensure the utmost security of all your critical data, ideas and other confidential information.

Q: How much does PHP development cost?

A: The exact costs greatly depend on the scope and complexity of the given project. Contact us for a free quote and we will give you projected estimates based on your desired functionalities.

Q: Which development methodologies do you offer?

A: During the preparation stage, we consider two development methodologies – Waterfall and Agile – depending on your goals. Yet, the development process also usually involves iterative approach (regardless of chosen methodology). For Agile, this is an inherent part of its architecture. In Waterfall projects, iterations allow us to better control development progress as well as prepare regular demo versions.

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