Mobile App Developers & Experts

Appnovation has extensive experience in creating high performing, digitally transformative and feature-packed native mobile applications for Android and iOS devices

How We Stand Out Amongst Others

Here are just some of the ways that we stand out as a company when it comes to what our experience is with mobile application design and development

Agile mobile app development and project methodology


Assistance with the App Store, Google Play


Award winning mobile application development solutions


Competitive rates for mobile application design and development talent


Cross-functional team of experts in global offices


In-house, front-end specialists: Business Analysts, UX/UI Experts & Designers


Friendly, open, and collaborative way of working with clients


Proven track record of successful mobile application project delivery


Rigorous quality assurance (QA) testing before “Go-Live” events


Solid open technology expertise across multiple platforms

iOS App Development

We provide full-cycle iOS App development services, from consultation, app design, app development, app deployment to after sales maintenance and support

Android App Development

With a team of in-house experts consisting of UI/UX digital designers, mobile app developers, usability architects, QA testers, and dedicated project managers

Cross Platform App Development

Cross Platform App Development creates application that are compatible on multiple platforms, even though they share the same code base for the most part

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Why choose Adre’s IT?

Here is how Adre’s IT helps our clients to develop a professional and awesome mobile apps

At Adre’s IT, we provide complete app development services. Our of developers can provide you excellent technological support in developing revolutionary mobile applications so you can focus on its promotion. Adre’s IT can provide you the technical expertise to develop your app and expand your business in this ever expanding app economy.

Frequently asked questiones

Q: Should I get a mobile app if I already own any website?

A: Yes, you should get a mobile app as long as your budget is sufficient. A mobile app can give you additional benefits even you are owning any website.

Q: Can my native app run on both Android and iOS platform?

A: No, native apps do not run on multiple platforms. Cross-platform apps would be your choice if you would like your mobile app to run on multiple platforms.

Q: What if I would like to get a native app but I already own a website?

A: Yes, you can take native apps as long as you have specific features needed in your mobile apps or any features that it is not related from your websites. Otherwise, we do not recommend you to go for native apps.

Q: What if I don't own any website for a mobile web?

A: We recommend you to get a native app because it is more affordable but if you like to go with mobile web apps, we can help you in developing a website and mobile web apps. For more information, you can check out more with our web design or contact us.

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