Company Overview

Adre's IT

A local Sabahan and Malaysian based provider of software development outsourcing services, website development and professional services with decades of technical experiences

Our mission

Being a client-oriented software development company Adre’s IT is committed to providing high-quality software products and services.

Our Mission is to delight our clients by continuously providing quality service of developing and integrating software projects.

“Execute your projects faster and better with the most talented engineers in the industry.”

Adrian David Nungka

Founder, Adre's IT

Adre’s IT in facts and numbers


Completed large and medium-scale projects, 2000+ hours each project

30% of New Clients

Come from the recommendations of current or previous clients of Adre’s IT.


Of current clients use our services for more than 5 years
Customer satisfaction
*Microsoft CSAT


Customer and services retention after MVP development


Overall rating on
*16 Reviews

Operating Principles

Skillful knowledge

  • We’re in the innovate-and-do-it-efficiently business. We present our clients with unique solutions that get to the core of the issue. To do that, we seek sharp minds who can come up with solutions to the most complex technical challenges. We look for intelligence and vigor in our employees and pass on skillful results to our clients.

Confident process

  • We build teams that make your software better. From finding the best people to selecting the right technologies to following mature processes backed by measurable SLAs, we keep our processes transparent, so you will never lose control of your project. Plus, we share our knowledge so your software continues to satisfy your customers for years to come.

Vibrant community

  • We are committed to building a community of software engineers that pursue personal and professional betterment. We encourage creative boldness, sharp problem solving, and mutual skills development. We know what it means to have the industry’s best talent on board, and we create a community where everyone feels intellectually challenged and professionally satisfied.

Transparent communication

  • Without clear communication, you’re unlikely to get what you want – and that’s not what we want. We strive to develop clear and abundant communication channels, be it with technological or in-person methods. We rely on respect to build bridges that surpass cultural differences and keep the focus on end goals.

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